Travel To India

India is the country with vast glorious land blessed with the diverse culture and intensely beautiful landscapes cannot be covered in a single visit. Every new visit to India will make you discover something new and have a memorable experience that will bring you back to India to visit again and explore new place.

Each state in India has their special identity to offer the travellers the best experience and unforgettable impact to their heart. There are major destinations which had more to explore like Agra, Kerala, Rajasthan, Goa, Varanasi, Ladakh and Madhya Pradesh are the places providing the plenty of actives to carry out the various activates

Tips to enjoy hassle free trip in India

Looking for tips to avoid the possibilities of inconvenience that you might face in trip to India, Here are all the possible of risks and solutions to avoid them. The tips will guide you to make yourself safe regarding the money, food, scams and women special tips to follow while travelling in India. The tips will help you not to get sick, ripped and even scammed also.


  • Don’t eat the raw cooked food like salads, juice or any food on sold beside roads.
  • Only eat the freshly cooked food to avoid getting sick through due to bacteria or parasites and cooking kills everything.
  • Choose the local restaurants which are busy with customers or 4 star or 5 star hotels which severs good food.
  • Try to interact with local people to choose the best restaurant are search in the Google to find the best place to have food and as well to taste the famous local food.
  • Avoid too much Spicy food especially which contained chillies.
  • Carry probiotics tablets are amazing to boost up good bacteria in your stomach to increase digestion, natural immunity and stopping diarrhea and preventing dysentery. It quickly absorbs the toxins or pathogens that are causing the problem. As always, be sure to get advice from your doctor.
  • The meat looks very unsafe, often hanging in the warm, open air with flies buzzing around. If you can, I recommend being a vegetarian while in India to reduce the chances of getting serious food poisoning.
  • Use hands to have food infect your hands are often the cleanest utensil since you know where they’ve been and the joy of using your hands is well worth trying and almost Indian people will have food with hands.  Although, remember to use hand sanitizes.
  • Local’s restaurants offer all-you-can-eat meals for $1! Be wary of hygiene and only go to the best, busy restaurants you can find. Get advice from the locals.


  • It’s recommended to drink only bottle water in India due to most of water in India is contaminated with pollutants and amoebas.
  • In India its will be typically hot and dry to make your body hydrated drink 2 litres per day.
  • Try to keep Pocket filter or life straw with you so that you can get safe water while you cannot find water bottle.
  • If you still feel the water is impure after using the packet filter then boil the water with iodine tablets
  • Coconut water is amazing and extremely good for health by boosting your electrolytes when your stomach is upset.
  • Chai is the good for digestion because it contains the ginger, cardamom. Have Chai while it is boiling and in a paper cup only.
  • Must carry electrolyte in India in order to avoid the dysentery and also to stay hydrated.
  • In hot afternoon having the cold-coke can make you happy but be careful avoid ice cubes in it and try to have a chilled coke.
  • Don’t brush teeth with tap water, carry a bottle with you and also don’t open mouth or eyes while you have a shower.
  • Experience of having a bathe in river Ganga will lead to have wonderful experience. While dip close eyes, mouth, ears and nose to avoid the water to enter into any hole.

Scammed or ripped

  • Unless you have an India friend don’t accept any gift from unknown which might will immediately turn into sale.
  • Go with a local person and to a “fixed rate” shop so that you can avoid the rip from shop keepers.
  • Don’t give money to baggers otherwise you have to face an army of baggers for money and also remember there might be also drug-driven professionals.
  • Drivers in India are renowned for their dishonesty and tricks to try to make more money from you. E.g they may take you to the wrong hotel or quote you a price that is five times the fair rate.
  • Book hotels, trains through online because there are many offices that provide wrong information and robe money with fake promises.
  • Don’t purchase the germ stone from the small shops which is a big scam over tourists. If are interested in buying go for a buy shop where the price tags are available.
  • Make sure the bottle caps are not open before you purchase it and as well don’t accept food from the strangers try to avoid by saying that your health is not well.
  • To do this, you’ll have to realize what local people would pay for a similar item or administration and afterward you’ll know how low the retailer, driver or lodging and so on will go. An Indian companion (or outsider) or guide can help you with this.
  • It can be shockingly hard to get a SIM card in India and for the most part includes a considerable amount of printed material. On the off chance that you don’t round out the printed material effectively there is a decent shot that you got misled with a dead or utilized SIM card. To maintain a strategic distance from this, I suggest getting your SIM from an official office of the bearer, for example, Airtel or Idea

Destinations near to India port entries

The top airport entries with the Bureau of immigration for the foreign citizens, although there are 86 immigration check points available out of 36 ICPS are functioned under BOI, the remaining are being managed by the state government. The top airports entries given with the list of the nearest destinations are of the 12 FRROs and 12 chief immigration offices. The airports have all facilities for the foreigners.

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